How Yoga Studios Can Use Facebook To Stay Totally Booked With More New Customers Than They Can Handle.

See the case studied below.

Dear Yoga Studio Owner,

I am looking for a few more “dream” yoga studios that are interested in staying totally booked with new customers using the power of Facebook Ads. If that studio is you, I will personally work with you to help you design and implement a Facebook advertising campaign that will double or even triple your yoga enrollments over the next 12 months.

Why Am I Doing This?

Here's why...

First off, I own my own martial arts and fitness center and have used Facebook Ads to pack my school to over 300 active members. Secondly, I LOVE YOGA. I was introduced to yoga over 15yrs ago and did it off and on.  Now at age 46, I just started platform diving - I know kinda crazy.  But anyways, I  watched Greg Louganis talk about how he won so many Olympic Gold Medals because of Yoga. So I jumped back into hot yoga and it's just been incredible.  It brings such wonderful joy and peace to people’s lives and allows so many of us to feel great about our bodies.  And when it comes to me diving off 30 foot platforms... well.... yoga is a life saver. (see my pic below)

Ok, Ok... As you can tell, I have a love for yoga and I decided to test out facebook ads for a few other yoga studios with some pretty enlightening results. Here’s a few examples:

So If You're A Yoga Studio That Wants To Stay Totally Booked, Then It's Pretty Easy. Here’s what you’ll get.

1. I’ll run some of my proven facebook ads for you on a trial basis.
2. I will also build out the sales funnel as well – not just the Facebook campaign.
3. When the leads pour in, you simply enroll them.

 This trial will pay for itself by only getting one new customer.  Believe me, most of the trials I run average 6-7 new customers. (You could get 7 customers on a 6-month membership at $97 a month = $679)

So all you have to do is cover the cost of the Facebook Ad spend and the trial itself.  There is no commitment and it will pay for itself with only 1 new customer.

Right now, I can only help 2-3 yoga studios like this and you must be a good human. And I ask that you also give me a simple testimonial when you get lots of new customers from it.

This is literally a can’t lose situation. On the bottom of this page, all you have to do is simply click a "1 on 1" time to schedule a consultation to get started and get more information about starting a "trial."


PS. Here's what I've done for other local businesses using Facebook Ads.

I ran Groupon and it attracted customers that did not become members.  Looked into facebook ads and was unsure that it would work.  With Stay Totally Booked, my ad cost is around $250 and I get on average 17 members enrolling a month.  Each member is worth around $1100 for their yearly membership so this is a no brainer for me.  Also I put into place their Facebook Referral System and it works.  Last month I got 6 new members with no advertising costs.  This is awesome.

Hot Yoga & Fitness

Honestly my yoga practice was doing great until a few more studios opened up in town.  I ignored it at first but over the next 6 months my enrollment numbers started dropping. I had to do something fast.  I did the free consulting with Stay Totally Booked and let them do a test run on Facebook.  Their Facebook Referral and Facebook Ads did the trick.  I am back up to full classes and realize that with more and more businesses opening up, I need to be the leader in my community and be the first choice when it comes to yoga.  I will be using Stay Totally Booked for all my Facebook needs. Namaste.

Yoga / Pilates Center

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