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Are you worried about the effect technology has on your child's health? Is your Child complaining of a headache, Blurred Vision? What about Neck Pain? Are they having trouble concentrating?  These symptoms are all signs of Tech Neck and it's not just kids who are affected, It's adults too. Research shows that waiting to correct the effects of tech neck  may have permanent, lasting damage.

Tech neck is the repeated stress to the body (especially the neck) caused by children spending increasing large amounts of time daily hunched over their handheld electronic devices such as a smart phones, tablets, video games and laptops for hours every day with their heads bent forward.

Living Tree center for Healing is offering $17 Tech Neck Assessment that includes: evaluation of spinal function, testing for the nerves and muscles for their adaption to the stresses of technology, x-rays to determine the growth pattern of the spine and the impact on development. One on one consult with the doctor.  With many possible solutions available to help correct Tech Neck, Claim your voucher today!

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