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Sold 16 Bots and counting.

I offer Facebook Ads to local businesses and wanted to start offering Chatbots.  The difference between you and other courses I paid for is that you guys are out there everyday actually selling them to local businesses.  There are way too many fake so called "guru's" that never actually sold any.  Thanks to your strategies, I have sold 16 chatbots and counting. 

Geri  Lemar

Facebook Agency

Watched it over the weekend and sold 8 chatbots by Wednesday. 

Too many courses teach you how to build chatbots BUT not how to ACTUALLY SELL THEM like you guys are.  You guys are beasts.  Loved the section on sales reps doing the work for you.  I watched all the videos over the weekend and sold 8 chatbots by Wednesday.  I also just used your chatbot templates, so fulfilling on these clients took me just a few minutes. 

Austin Moore

Digital Marketing Agency

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Vid #3: Prices and Upsells.

Vid #4: Master Closing presentation - gets over 80% closing rate.

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