Join Our Secret 5 Star Review Beta Program

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We just made getting reviews to stick on Google and Yelp super simple. After 6 months of development, we cracked the code.

You simply need an Android Tablet with a data plan and watch the magic happen. (watch video for details)

We are only looking for 20 BETA testers who will get:

  • This $2000 Mobile Reputation App (free)
  • $997 Set Up Fee (waived)
  • Feedback Forms, Monitoring, Stats and Surveys.

     For more information fill out the form below so we can talk about the best practices and how to use this in your business.

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PS.  You need an Android Tablet with an 8″ inch screen or bigger for this App (the bigger size makes it easier for your customers to leave reviews).  We are using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. You can simply call Verizon, At&t, or your local Best Buy to get the tablet and add a data plan. ( a data plan is only $10 a month).  Other tablets that work with this App are:

Samsung galaxy tab 4
Samsung galaxy tab 3
Samsung galaxy tab 2
Samsung 8.0 4G
IView 9 inch tablet
Samsung 8 inch LTE
Google Nexus 7 LTE

PPS. what we really need from you is a lot of participation & feedback.  We want this amazing app to be the best that it can be.  Plus you have to look over your reporting on day 30.  And on day 60, when you’ve gotten a bunch of 5 star reviews online, we will want a video testimonial and 3 referrals.